Men's shorts Styx art classic rubber oversize Jáchym

Styx - men's shorts with classic Jáchym rubber Classic Styx shorts have an almost unshakable position on the Czech market. For several years now, he has been one of the best-selling shorts in our country, which men liked for several reasons. Jáchym's shorts, designed by painter Petr Jáchym, are a specialty. With his abstract works, he intuitively expresses his feelings and emotions not only on canvases but also on clothing decors. The subtext of his work is color, energy and individuality. Jáchym created a collection for the Styx brand tailored to the Czech audience. This underlined the facts, which are not only production in the Czech Republic, but also cooperation with exclusively Czech design authors. - Rubber - classic- Material - cotton- Composition - 100% cotton- Wash - 30 ° C- Dryer - no- Ironing - yes Made in the Czech Republic
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